We have transformed our idea into reality.

 – Everything is impossible until someone does it – 

Bruce Wayne – Hero

Drinking is an essential human need, water is the world’s most consumed drink.

Some ingredients work better and only unfold their full potential when combined with water directly before consumption.


Due to this reason, we have developed the CAP application that assists you to mix your best, highly concentrated and most effective ingredients with your water. 

Our unique dosage applicator allows you to activate the content in a user friendly way, by merely unscrewing the bottle cap – it´s as easy as that.

We have the capability to construct the CAP application with sustainable material and it can be universally combined with nearly any bottle, as the majority of bottle necks are standardized.

We truly believe to have created a new category in the area of functional beverages, nutraceuticals and pharmaceutical products.

Our vision and the desire for change are our drive and incentive to look ahead. That was our intention to rethink and find a different approach, whether personalisation, dietary supplements, functional beverages, personal care and pharmaceuticals.
Slawomir Moritz

As Helen Keller, an american autor said – alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. We would love to hear your thoughts, ideas or even more.

Take your time to watch our short movie.

We produced it to help you better understand the uniqueness of our application.
Apart from our main features – ease of use and universal applicability in almost any bottle in the world, factors such as security, UV light protection, possibilities of personalisation and almost unlimited application of content, give you enough space for your creativity and needs.

Thank you for your attention!